News For The 2018 year

We have gone through some changes in the group and have gone down to a trio for right now if that change will stay into effect for good is yet to be determined. Many good things are happening in the ministry as Tod is also now also working side by side with Chuck Bryant of WOTG radio and will be doing some concert promotions in North Georgia area with the biggest one to be scheduled so far will happen on June 23rd and will feature the Reunion of the main original THE BREAD OF LIFE SINGERS for one night only and there will also be with them some of there friends that were in groups when they first started nine years ago along with dinner & deserts which is the groups way of saying thank you for all the support over the years. This is slated to be one of the best live streamed events in North Georgia as far as a concert goes. The group is scheduled to go to many new places this year and they are very excited about the new CD project they are working on and will release sometime in the 2018 year God willing. But as their lead singer states  it is not about fame nor popularity it is about seeing souls saved and chains of bondage being broken the message should be in our music because it is what we sing about every time we step out on a stage.