News For The 2018 year 

We have gone through some changes in the group and have gone down to a trio for right now if that change will stay into effect for good is yet to be determined. Many good things are happening in the ministry as Tod is also now also working side by side with Chuck Bryant of WOTG radio and will be doing some concert promotions in North Georgia area with the biggest one to be scheduled so far will happen on June 23rd and will feature the Reunion of the main original THE BREAD OF LIFE SINGERS for one night only and there will also be with them some of there friends that were in groups when they first started nine years ago along with dinner & deserts which is the groups way of saying thank you for all the support over the years. This is slated to be one of the best live streamed events in North Georgia as far as a concert goes. The group is scheduled to go to many new places this year and they are very excited about the new CD project they are working on and will release sometime in the 2018 year God willing. But as their lead singer states  it is not about fame nor popularity it is about seeing souls saved and chains of bondage being broken the message should be in our music because it is what we sing about every time we step out on a stage.                                       

God Is Good 

God is so good and we think we know what is best for our lives

but we don't . Our ministry has always been for God and will be

that way for the eternity of it. However it was becoming to us A

question of what does God want. Well the answer finally came

all he wants us to do is sing his praises and pray for the sick and

afflicted and to simply show his love to others as that is a huge key

to his will and that is showing his love . We challenge you to show 

someone today as you read this to show someone love that might 

not have someone that has shown them love and they need to feel

that feeling instead of feeling all alone and forgotten . 


God has his way of protecting his children. We were supposed to be

in Ohio to sing tonight but it did not work out and we are not  
used to cancelling anything and we could not understand why this 
had happened , if we would have gone we would have left early  
yesterday morning. Well yesterday late morning we went to go  
somewhere and our brake light came on in our van . So we took  
it right away to the shop we just had our brakes done at and they  
had done a great job. When they took the tire off they found a  
chunk of the piston missing in the brake caliper which has never 
happened before that i have seen nor the mechanic has seen .  
with that piece missing the brake fluid had leaked out and we had  
just about lost our brakes completely. Had we gone on our trip we 
would have had a very serious accident resulting in no brakes and 
most likely A fatality , now my friends that is how God works.

Sadly Regret 

We regret to inform our friends and followers that there has been some

issues that have caused a halt in the ministry at this time and we need 

your prayers and we hope to be back to normal soon God willing.

New doors have opened and recent news with the Ministry. 

God has been really working in the ministry and opening doors we would never think were possible

like in August we will be going to Nebraska for some dates and services and he has been filling our

schedule and keeping us very busy. It is very different being only a trio however we are having great

services and seeing many healings and lives changed . We are looking forward to seeing what God

has in store for us ahead. We need your prayers as the ministry has many needs . We are looking 

for Ministry partners to help back the ministry monthly and are praying God will bring them to us as

it is very hard trying to do it on our own. Don't take me wrong we know God will provide our needs 

but man is supposed to do there part as well and help ministries to further the means of reaching 

more lost souls . For every love offering a ministry is supported with it gives that ministry the means

to go further out and to new different areas they have not been able to reach. We plan on doing many

revivals in the future God willing so I just wanted to put a new update up on what has been going on 

with the ministry and our family. We ask please keep Christopher our son and Desiree our Daughter

in your prayers that God will bring them back into the flock and back to serving him.


Things have changed  

Well things have changed around here at The Bread Of Life Ministry as many know
Christopher is no longer with the group and has left the family and moved on . That
will not and has not stopped the ministry from going forward for the Lord. Myself and
Jennifer and our son Ryan will be still singing and working for the King and plan on
still travelling and spreading Gods love and the word until God says to stop and brings
something different in our lives' to do or until he takes us home or returns whichever
comes first . We want to say  Thank you for supporting us to our family and friends and
remember he loves you and so do we.

Holding On 

We sit and pray God will make a way for the group as we always 
try to do. It was time to quit wasting good money on something that
just kept breaking down or catching fire and it was decided enough
was enough. God has opened many new doors for the family this year 
meaning 2017 . He has even opened doors in  Minnesota and Texas 
along with Arkansas and other states.

Bad News Regarding The Groups Bus. 

The Bread Of Life Singers Tour Coach destroyed by Fire 

Nobody was hurt but we are sure thankful for those who really care as we are tired and worn down. The Bad news is its a total loss so we need as many prayers as possible. We were parked in REO Georgia when for reasons not
known the coach caught fire underneath in the bays. When Tuesday of last week we were sitting relaxing on the coach at The Baptist church we were at for the youth.The good news however is that lives were changed at The youth camp and we were able to still sing and that is when the Holy Spirit filled the church and the youth just kept coming to the altar left and right . It was the most greatest sight we have seen in a long long time. Praise Be to God. Where we go from here well that is totally up to God what to do next and how but there is NO plans to cancel dates at this time but we do need a miracle from heaven for the Ministry. We love you and shall keep you updated on any further new updates . May God Bless You All .



We are holding on to Gods word and trusting him for all our need's things .
When the phone rings we will answer and then for a booking we shall pray
about it and seek God's will and not man's be done in all things and in every song
sung for the Lord Jesus Christ and what the terms are for the date 
in question because we wish only for the Lord to be pleased. Also 
if you need prayer please feel free to contact us day or night and one
of us will pray with you anytime.

Coach Incident at the truck stop . 

January 13th 2016

Our coach was in a accident and caught fire in Davie Florida today and we thank God No one was hurt  .Yes personal property was lost but God will replenish it . Coach  is able to be fixed as the damage was not to  major and it is under good insurance  . So its headed to the shop and we will pick up a rental or at least we hope we can.