All Bookings Have Been Either Cancelled Or Postponed 

It is with sad regret at this time all our dates have been either cancelled or Postponed due to the fact our lead singers had a accident and has had to undergo surgery on his neck and back and is at this time unable to travel . We will update his condition as we can God BlessYou. 

New Member Of The Ministry Team 

We are proud to announce our newest member to the group . Theresa Hendrix who is in no

way a stranger to Gospel Music as her and her husband Jeff Hendrix has been working for

the Lord on the road many years in the ministry field . Jeff who is a ordained preacher and

strong man of God loves to preach the word the way it should be spoken from the pulpit and

that is he does not believe in sugar coating the true word of God and what sin is as so many

preachers do the tip toe around the bush routine but not him. Theresa loves singing praises

to God and singing to many to share Gods love and her vocals show that she is a woman who

can truly let it go with power for her Lord and Savior .


The group has been through alot and yet we strive to carry on because we care what happens 

to others who are hurting and lost. The suicide rate has increased by a huge landslide and self 

cutting among the youth is at a all time high . We know it is our calling to keep reaching out to 

communities that have been effected by natural disastrers and to the young people that need to 

be heard by someone who truly cares . Many ask us to pray and think we don't however we take 

that request very serious and we do pray and continue to pray and hope and believe that God will

answer and meet the needs of his people. We are going to try to reach out to as many churches and 

festivals and youth crusades as we possibly can in 2019 so please let us come be with you in truth 

and honesty and may God Bless you in overflowing abundance is our prayer .


We want you to know our friends God has been so good to us we just cannot thank him enough and

we have every reason to jump and shout because God is good all the time not just some of the time.

We are proud to be working with WOTG GOSPEL RADIO NETWORK  because it has given us a

whole new way to gain exposure and to reach out to the world through the vast internet . As we now

will have every concert we do with them are going to be live streamed through many ways so those

that might miss a concert can view it on the internet folks God is rising up this ministry to a point we

never thought we could reach as a simple God loving family just out singing praises unto the father.

The Truth Should Be Known 

People think that just because you work for God you never sin and I am here to tell you that is not so, I have fallen in the past and let hurt and anger eat me alive and lost my Joy and it took me to fall to my knees and cry out to God to regain that Joy  I share this on here because people need to know we are just like anyone we fall and falter to but through the grace of God you can climb right back up the mountain but remember you will go through valleys but you don't have to walk them alone.

Back Out For Jesus 

Well Praise God back to work on the road again and will be adding new dates as they come in . God has

made a way for us to be back out on the road again for him and we are very excited to announce this all

we know is we serve a great God . So if any of you who read this know anyone interested in Booking the

ministry have them contact us .

News For The 2018 year 

We have gone through some changes in the group and have gone down to a trio for right now if that change will stay into effect for good is yet to be determined. Many good things are happening in the ministry as Tod is also now also working side by side with Chuck Bryant of WOTG radio and will be doing some concert promotions in North Georgia area with the biggest one to be scheduled so far will happen on June 23rd and will feature the Reunion of the main original THE BREAD OF LIFE SINGERS for one night only and there will also be with them some of there friends that were in groups when they first started nine years ago along with dinner & deserts which is the groups way of saying thank you for all the support over the years. This is slated to be one of the best live streamed events in North Georgia as far as a concert goes. The group is scheduled to go to many new places this year and they are very excited about the new CD project they are working on and will release sometime in the 2018 year God willing. But as their lead singer states  it is not about fame nor popularity it is about seeing souls saved and chains of bondage being broken the message should be in our music because it is what we sing about every time we step out on a stage.                                       

God Is Good 

God is so good and we think we know what is best for our lives

but we don't . Our ministry has always been for God and will be

that way for the eternity of it. However it was becoming to us A

question of what does God want. Well the answer finally came

all he wants us to do is sing his praises and pray for the sick and

afflicted and to simply show his love to others as that is a huge key

to his will and that is showing his love . We challenge you to show 

someone today as you read this to show someone love that might 

not have someone that has shown them love and they need to feel

that feeling instead of feeling all alone and forgotten . 


God has his way of protecting his children. We were supposed to be

in Ohio to sing tonight but it did not work out and we are not  
used to cancelling anything and we could not understand why this 
had happened , if we would have gone we would have left early  
yesterday morning. Well yesterday late morning we went to go  
somewhere and our brake light came on in our van . So we took  
it right away to the shop we just had our brakes done at and they  
had done a great job. When they took the tire off they found a  
chunk of the piston missing in the brake caliper which has never 
happened before that i have seen nor the mechanic has seen .  
with that piece missing the brake fluid had leaked out and we had  
just about lost our brakes completely. Had we gone on our trip we 
would have had a very serious accident resulting in no brakes and 
most likely A fatality , now my friends that is how God works.

Sadly Regret 

We regret to inform our friends and followers that there has been some

issues that have caused a halt in the ministry at this time and we need 

your prayers and we hope to be back to normal soon God willing.