The Bread Of Life Gospel Singers
                                                                       Members Of The Group And our Ministry Team    

                                                                  Tod Davis is the leader of the group under the leadership of God.
                                               He has a powerful testimony of healing and deliverance many 
                                               times Tod states I did not deserve to live but God kept me around
                                               the turning point in my whole life about truly understanding healing
                                               was four years ago when I was healed of 26 strokes at a major 
                                               stroke rating. I cried out one night and he heard my cry Tod says.
                                               and after that was reunited back with his family back on stage and
                                               behind the pulpit telling others about the Blood of Jesus and the 
                                               power it holds.


                                              Ryan is the groups Tenor  and also does some Bass in some 
                                              songs. He is also very anointed and loves to pray with others 
                                              and listen to others when they just need to talk . Also he is
                                              currently attending AIU college online for gaming design and
                                              is learning how to draw all because he wants to invent positive
                                              Christian based video games.  


                                               Jennifer Davis is the wife of Tod Davis and the mother of there children 
                                               she is very spiritual and loves the Lord with all she has and is also 
                                               following in her daughter Desiree Davis footsteps in singing songs
                                               unto the Lord with her whole heart and soul in it.


                                                                                                                                  Our  Driver & Stage Help & Friend

                                                                                                            David Blalock


                                                             Past Former Members


            Desiree Davis                            Christopher Davis

     Desiree left the group because of College and now                              Christopher left the ministry and no longer 

     currently resides in Canton Ga. She will still be doing                           sings with the group at all. We pray someday 

     special concerts with us like Holidays , Homecomings.                         he may return and sing for God again.                                                                                                    












               We do want to say a Special thank you to our spiritual mentor and great family friend  for eight years         

               Pastor Eugene Smith also Brother Danny Overholt and his wife Alice with Heart to Heart singing group

               Danny gets upset with me sometimes but he will still pray with us and give us spiritual A need it and

               they have been such great friend's to us .We thank God for these people we just mentioned. Also a

              special thanks goes out to Phillipe and Eve Russell because they believed in us when no one else

             would or did and they helped the ministry out in not only a financial way but a supportive way as well and 

             for that we are so thankful for everything they have done for not only our family but the ministry as well We

            Thank you and you will always have our prayers and love.and our help if it is ever needed all you have to do

             is just ask and we will do whatever we can as this is our way of being the kind friends as you are to us .