New doors have opened and recent news with the Ministry.

God has been really working in the ministry and opening doors we would never think were possible

like in August we will be going to Nebraska for some dates and services and he has been filling our

schedule and keeping us very busy. It is very different being only a trio however we are having great

services and seeing many healings and lives changed . We are looking forward to seeing what God

has in store for us ahead. We need your prayers as the ministry has many needs . We are looking 

for Ministry partners to help back the ministry monthly and are praying God will bring them to us as

it is very hard trying to do it on our own. Don't take me wrong we know God will provide our needs 

but man is supposed to do there part as well and help ministries to further the means of reaching 

more lost souls . For every love offering a ministry is supported with it gives that ministry the means

to go further out and to new different areas they have not been able to reach. We plan on doing many

revivals in the future God willing so I just wanted to put a new update up on what has been going on 

with the ministry and our family. We ask please keep Christopher our son and Desiree our Daughter

in your prayers that God will bring them back into the flock and back to serving him.