The group has been through alot and yet we strive to carry on because we care what happens 

to others who are hurting and lost. The suicide rate has increased by a huge landslide and self 

cutting among the youth is at a all time high . We know it is our calling to keep reaching out to 

communities that have been effected by natural disastrers and to the young people that need to 

be heard by someone who truly cares . Many ask us to pray and think we don't however we take 

that request very serious and we do pray and continue to pray and hope and believe that God will

answer and meet the needs of his people. We are going to try to reach out to as many churches and 

festivals and youth crusades as we possibly can in 2019 so please let us come be with you in truth 

and honesty and may God Bless you in overflowing abundance is our prayer .