God has his way of protecting his children. We were supposed to be

in Ohio to sing tonight but it did not work out and we are not  
used to cancelling anything and we could not understand why this 
had happened , if we would have gone we would have left early  
yesterday morning. Well yesterday late morning we went to go  
somewhere and our brake light came on in our van . So we took  
it right away to the shop we just had our brakes done at and they  
had done a great job. When they took the tire off they found a  
chunk of the piston missing in the brake caliper which has never 
happened before that i have seen nor the mechanic has seen .  
with that piece missing the brake fluid had leaked out and we had  
just about lost our brakes completely. Had we gone on our trip we 
would have had a very serious accident resulting in no brakes and 
most likely A fatality , now my friends that is how God works.