The Bread of Life Singers originated with lead singer, Tod Davis, when he was just nineteen years old. Over the years, God reshaped and reformed the group to include Tod and his wife Jennifer, along with their Son Ryan Originally the group was the whole family however after time their two other kids went on to do other things in there life. They are a singing family ministry, The Bread of Life Singers have one goal: to see souls saved and lives changed by the power of God. They believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and in God's power to heal, deliver, and transform the lives of any who would come to Him. Another part of the ministry of The Bread of Life Singers is their 24 hour prayer line. Where a person can call “No matter the time, when a call comes in, someone is there to pray with you however they are not a counseling service nor Advocate center  If, by chance, someone calls while we are on stage, they can leave a message and we will call them back and pray with them . They strongly believe in the power of prayer but also know that prayer does no good without  faith that God can hear and answer in his time and in his will as our father knows what is best for us and his word does say he shall provide our needs and never leave nor forsake us.